Author: Sylvia Donlon

Author: Sylvia Donlon

Selling Scrap Metal for a Profit
Writings Sylvia Donlon

When my husband got laid off from his job, we had to get pretty creative so we did not lose the ability to pay our bills. We still had some income thanks to his unemployment benefits, but it was not enough to cover everything. We had several sheds filled with scrap metal that was on the property even before we bought it, and we just never did anything about them since we didn’t need to use the buildings. I suggested that we look at some companies to see what their scrap metal prices per pound were to see if that was a feasible option for us.

I had no idea what company to check, so I did what I do any other time I need to find something that I am not familiar with. I went to the Internet and did a search for companies in our region that buy scrap metal from private citizens. I thought that I would have to look at different companies to see which one had the better prices, but I found something even better. I was able to find a website that did all of the homework for me.

I just had to pick out the state I live in, then I had to scroll through the cities listed in alphabetical order to find mine. I honestly was not sure if it would even be on the list because the town I am in is so little, but it was listed! I was then able to see what the different companies in the area are offering to people for different types of scrap, including copper, aluminum, iron and so many other kinds. We took it to the one offering the most money for each metal, and we ended up getting enough to pay our mortgage for several months!

Getting Better Through Healthier Eating Choices
Writings Sylvia Donlon

There are all kinds of websites out there and different gurus giving advice on proper nutrition. Some advise eating just one type of thing as if it is a sort of miracle diet or cure. Intuition lets us know that is not true. If it really was, then absolutely everyone would be doing it. If you want to learn some of the things I did about nutrition, you can click here. The guy who does the blog is on a journey of discovery himself. There are certainly basics to a proper diet that cannot be scientifically ignored. Things such as red meat containing an enzyme that works on your heart. We know that high carb diets raise your blood glucose too. Oh, and those high protein diets are just plain crazy. No one needs that much protein and fat, and it will just wear out your kidneys.

I’m not saying you can never eat a piece of pie or have an ice cream cone. They just should not be go-to items to eat except for rare occasions. If you cannot picture yourself giving up some foods or eating more vegetables and fruits, then you might not be ready for the commitment to healthier eating. However, the longer you wait, the more chance you have of suffering from one of the serious diseases that are brought on by poor dietary choices. My goal is to avoid those things from getting any worse in my life. I already had gotten as far as Type 2 diabetes with nerve damage. I never thought I would ever get sick. I would eat bacon in large quantities with waffles and syrup and butter for breakfast. I remember using the last bites of a sausage patty to sop up the syrup on the plate. I got what I was asking for, and it was diabetes. Now my goal is to reverse some damage and get back to being healthy. It won’t happen overnight, but it is happening.

Buying YouTube Views Helped Me out
Writings Sylvia Donlon

When I found out that people are actually able to purchase views for YouTube, I was actually confused. I had no idea why someone would do this, but that changed when I realized that it is definitely to a person’s benefit to have high numbers when it comes to followers, views, and comments. Since I have been trying to build my own page up, I decided to see if I could buy YouTube views cheap. I did not have a lot of extra money just laying around, but I realized that I could actually make more money if I was able to get my numbers up with my videos.

I wanted to make sure that I only dealt with a reputable company too. When I first did my search for a company that does this, I was surprised to see that there are so many out there. I wanted to deal with a company that uses real people, because it would simply not be legitimate otherwise. That knocked a lot of the companies out of the running. I looked at the top few that were remaining, and Social Wows just stood out from the others for a few different reasons.

I really liked that they explained why views, fans, followers, likes and the other things that add to a social media page’s numbers are so important. It is a valid marketing tool that has helped so many businesses increase their bottom line, which sounded very appealing to me. I also liked that their prices were not outrageous. I figured that it would cost a lot since the views are legitimate, but they are very affordable, even for someone like me. I was able to purchase several thousand views, and they were delivered exactly when the company said they would be. I am going to use them again because of the good experience!

We’re Having Fun with Fast Speed Now
Writings Sylvia Donlon

I’ve lived my entire life in the Ozarks. I plan to never leave. The area is so beautiful. It makes me truly happy that I have the luck of living here. But outside of getting most of our news from the newspaper, we have not previously had the ability to get our hands on all the information on the Internet very easily that most of the country gets. That is because the few companies that offer Internet in our peaceful area have only given us the ability to use dial-up speed. But now I can get Missouri satellite Internet which is much faster.

I will miss the comforting sound that my dial-up router made every single time I used it to get online. But I will not miss trying to reach many different sites and waiting for my browser to show me the first page on the site for 5 or 10 minutes. It is because of that slowness that I often gave up and did nothing more than simply check my email every couple of days or so. I simply do not have the patience to spend hours getting around to different sites, when I know full well that so many other people can get to where they need to go online in only seconds.

But now that I can zip around online as fast as everyone else thanks to satellite service, I enjoy visiting so many more pages. I am really into fantasy football with the guys here in town, but I have now discovered that there are fantasy football sites. My wife really enjoys cooking, so she has been enjoying checking out all the recipes she can look at in such a short time now. My kids are now having fun with social networking sites that they could not get to easily in the past.

Exploring Wifi Gaming Around the Globe
Writings Sylvia Donlon

As the battle of the handheld gaming systems hots up, one of the emerging must-haves is proving to be the capability of Wi-Fi gaming. As the term implies, Wi-Fi gaming involves playing games via a Wi-Fi internet connection to other players. The two most popular handheld gaming consoles, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and the Nintendo DS, both allow Wi-Fi gaming, across the PlayStation Network and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Network, respectively. There’s nothing better than being able to play with your friends who are all hooking up in Airport Madness 4 and getting into a simulation match together.

Wi-Fi gaming allows users to compete against others connected to the internet nearby or even on the other side of the world. Even if you don’t have friends who have an interest in gaming, with 53 million Nintendo DS consoles and 25 million PSP consoles sold worldwide, it is unlikely that there won’t be anyone to play against, regardless of your preferred gaming genre. Wi-Fi networks are accessible within the transmitting range of a wireless access point, or hotspot. In the US, the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, has gone as far as to offer free Wi-Fi access to all of its residents.

In the UK, Norwich is pioneering a free city-wide Wi-Fi project, employing 200 antennas to cover the city centre and three sectors of the city. Similar projects are being planned for other major UK cities, such as Manchester, London and Birmingham. For those not lucky enough to live in a city with a comparable scheme there are several free Wi-Fi connections in cafés, pubs and public places such as airports, and Nintendo have even struck a deal with McDonald’s in order to provide designated Wi-Fi access for the Nintendo Wi-Fi Network. In the UK there are currently 7500 branches offering this facility.

Got a Job for the Summer
Writings Sylvia Donlon

I have a job pretty much as an errand boy for a guy who owns and manages apartments here in Winston Salem and High Point. Of course he hired my truck about as much as he hired me. I have an old truck and my Dad has an old landscaper type trailer. I started out doing odd jobs for him on the side. In fact that was probably a better deal for me up to a point. It was just one or two things a week, but he would pay me cash and fill my tank with gas usually as well. He gave me a gas card that I use, but he is keeping track of what I do for him and he is not paying for the gas I use on my own time. I worry a lot about the wear and tear on the truck, but it is about time for me to get a new car that costs a lot less to drive than it does.

I mostly do landscaping types of jobs. Obviously it is too much work for me to do alone, but I am just mainly delivering stuff and doing little things. Today I went with him to the nursery. He picked out a bunch of plants and paid for them. I loaded them up and took them to the Water Ford Creek apartments. There I met his wife who had decided where they were to be planted and I did that along with this Costa Rican guy. He had apparently been drinking heavily the night before and had the smell of liquor all over him. Still he did his share of the job and I did not get up too close to him while he was working, it was not that pleasant truly.

A Blast from the Past
Writings Sylvia Donlon

After learning that an old TV network would be revived through a satellite provider, I went to to sign up for their service. The network used to come on regular TV many years ago, but it shut down after ratings became too low and operating costs became too high. It was a shame too, because the network was pretty popular in the old days, but many of the network’s best shows were cancelled. There were rumors of producers making all kinds of terrible decisions, like firring key people. Many other people who worked with the network and weren’t fired decided to leave on their own.

The rights to the network were sold off to someone who had the idea of bringing it back. He had watch the network in his youth, and wanted to see it return to its former glory. He hired many people who used to work at the network in the old days, along with some new people to take the place of those who chose not to return. News of the network coming back spread like wildfire across the Internet and news outlets. People would talk about all of the great shows from before, and speculated what would return.

On the day that the network was relaunched, the first show they aired was an updated version of the first show they aired when they first launched many years ago. Most of the original staff from that show was there, along with some new faces. The show was just as funny as I remember it all those years ago. The ratings for the first day of the network’s return were off the charts. The nostalgia everyone had for the network had carried it into a successful relaunch, and with each passing day, more people are getting satellite to see it.

New Provider for Cable Television
Writings Sylvia Donlon

My cable bill is terrible right now. I just actually looked a the statement for the first time in a few months, and it was enough to make me sick, like literally sick. I do not know how they think it is okay to charge these bills, but I am going to switch my provider, or something. I am looking at to see if there are other providers that I might be able to switch to in my area, and if so, what their prices look like.

I definitely want to get digital cable, because my kids would start a riot if we got rid of the digital cable box. I know that for sure. I mean I should tell them that we are getting rid of it, just to see what their reaction would be like. I should film it too, and maybe send it in and win some money. I don’t know if it would actually take the top spot on that show, but I know that it would be close. I think my kids watch too much television, and I will be the first to admit that, but it keeps them out of my hair, so I let them watch it a bit more than is good for them. But it is not like they have free reign on it, they still have limits, and none of them are allowed to watch television before they have finished their homework and also done all of their chores for the day. That is just a house rule and they do pretty good with the rules for the most part. So yeah, I need to figure out a way to keep the cable box without having to pay so much for the services that come along with it. Might be challenging.

Started to Work on Buying a House
Writings Sylvia Donlon

If you want to buy a house I have been trying to figure out how exactly you can do it. Of course I mean the fine details of getting it done are sort of eluding me. I realize that there are some basic precepts, for example you definitely need to get the down payment. Of course I pretty much thought that was the big thing you had to do. However if you visit site here you can see them talk about one of the things I did not know, which is that you need to get home insurance before you can even get the bank to make you a loan on a house. The underlying principle is just as simple and plain as it can possibly be, that being that the bank wants you to give them their money back with interest. Obviously they have to protect themselves from al sorts of things which are not all that likely, but which could happen.

Now for example if you borrow a hundred thousand dollars on a house, you probably intend to have the house. However it is possible that the house could catch fire or there could a hurricane or a tornado or something like a flood. After this event the house might be worth ten dollars, in which case you probably do not want to pay ten thousand times what it is worth to the bank. That is why you get insurance if you are a bank. Of course the chances are that you do not have to worry too much about some biblical disaster flattening your house, but as long as there is a chance you have to protect yourself from it. At least if you are a banker and you are in this business you have to do it.

I Needed to Downgrade My Operating System
Writings Sylvia Donlon

I am a big fan of change. I know a lot of people don’t like it, but that is definitely not me. I know that when things change, that it usually means something has been improved. I am also smart enough to realize that this is not always the case, which is what happened when the operating system that got upgraded on my phone was not to my liking. I wanted to go back to my former operating system until all of the kinks were worked out, so I did an online search to see how to downgrade ios to the previous version.

I knew that there had to be a way to do it, but I had not done anything like that before. I was prepared to spend a few hours to find out how to do it, but it took me just mere minutes to find what I needed to know. The website that I used was extremely informative on how to downgrade my operating system, and it did not take me long at all before I had my phone back to how I liked it. Everything worked perfectly once again, and that is all that mattered to me.

I honestly thought that it was going to take a lot longer to downgrade, but the site I used was both detailed yet simple. I knew exactly what to do because it was not described in extreme technical details. They even had pictures and a video, so someone like my sister, who is not technical at all, would have no problem downgrading her phone either. I will end up using the newer operating system once they have it sorted out, but right now, it just stalls a lot of the apps that I use on a daily basis. Getting my old version back was such a relief so I could use them again!

I Love My New Straight Teeth
Writings Sylvia Donlon

I used to have straight teeth, but over the years, they have become very crooked. Over time, I became very embarrassed of my teeth as a result. I have always wanted braces, but just did not do it for a variety of reasons. But a friend told me I should look for the best Invisalign braces dentist in the area to see what could be done for my teeth. She said that I would be able to get my teeth straightened without needing traditional metal braces on my teeth.

I had never heard of Invisalign before, so I started out by doing a little research to learn more about what this type of orthodontic treatment is. Unlike other types of braces, you are given aligners that can be taken out of your mouth as needed. And best of all, they are transparent, so most people will not even notice when you have them in your mouth.

Excited about the prospect of treatment that would be hard to notice by other people, I began looking for a great dentist in the area who could do the work for me. I narrowed down my options to one particular dental office located nearby, and I found so many people saying great things about the dentist himself. He was friendly and reassuring with me. I decided to let him do the work, and I am happy to say that after two years, I now loved my teeth and smile!

I really liked that I was not forced to keep the aligners in my mouth at all times. I was able to take them out of mouth anytime that I wanted to eat or had a really special occasion where I simply did not want to wear them. The cost was covered by my insurance, and the whole experience has been rewarding.

From Condo Life to Future Wife
Writings Sylvia Donlon

Thanks to a condo that I found at, I was able to find a place to live, and a woman to love. I moved into the condo after living in a house with 4 other people during my college years. After college, we all went our separate ways in different countries, and I was the only one still living there. I looked for a condo and found the one I currently live in. While living in the condo, I met a girl who was living on the floor below me. We started having casual conversation each day, and eventually we started hanging out.

Our encounters turned into dates, and we became an item. Things between us progressed so much that we became engaged. I proposed to her at a restaurant and got down on one knee in the traditional sense. When she said yes, everyone in the restaurant applauded. Since we were getting married, it made no sense for both of us to live in separate condos, so she moved into mine. We had a small wedding with our closest friends and family members.

Whenever we tell the story of how we met to other people, sometimes it sounds a little corny to them, but we don’t care. It’s not everyday that a person can find the love of their life by moving into a condo. If I had moved into a simple apartment or continued staying in that house, I wouldn’t have found my wife. My wife and I hang out with the other married couples in the condo and they don’t seem nearly as happy as us. I think the reason why we’ve been able to have such a good relationship is because we have so much in common. We never get tired of seeing each other, even if we’ve been with each other all day.

A Pink Selfie Stick is a Great Stocking Stuffer Gift
Writings Sylvia Donlon

I bought my wife a pink Selfie Stick as a stocking stuffer. She uses it all the time. She is an amateur photographer who has a nice DSLR, tripod and other gear. However, it is the smartphone that you have with you all of the time. She keeps the Selfie Stick in her purse. It is not that big, and she uses it to grab stills and video of things she finds interesting throughout her day. She has become an expert at using the telescopic tube that her smartphone attaches too to take pictures.

I have seen her use it to take amazing shots outdoors and indoors. She has one of a nest of baby birds that was on a low branch just out of her reach. The video looks like a camera was hidden in the nest. She does crazy stills and video with it too. The perspective of getting the camera out away from your body for selfies is really neat. She has used it to take pictures of the kids and the dogs. The dogs look at it with curiosity, but they are not afraid of it.

It is just a telescoping metal tube with a foam handle covering and a device to attach your smartphone at the end. This one has a Bluetooth shutter remote as well. We use an app to make it work. Some phones probably have Bluetooth remote capability built into their camera application for video and photographs. You need something to be able to activate the shutter button. Some phones have voice capture capability where you say “cheese” or something like that. I think they all have a 10 second timer built in to take pictures or activate video record. That’s how you use your smartphone camera with a Selfie Stick for taking much better looking pictures and video.

Just Got My First Place
Writings Sylvia Donlon

I have to do a lot of things now, because I moved out of the dorms and now I am living about a mile from the campus of Johns Hopkins University. I am living with a lacrosse player I met playing pickup basketball games with. He is certifiably insane and I do not think I would want him to be my doctor, but I do not think he is going to stick with pre med either. I like him for this because he has money. For instance we are looking at information on Baltimore high speed internet access and I tell him that I can probably not afford the most expensive kind of internet. He shrugs and says that he will put it on his credit card, of course his credit card bill goes to his Dad who is a lawyer in Baltimore and his Mom who is a professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. In other words he is not going to leave me hanging when the bills come due, at least not so long as his Mom and Dad still love him.

This is a really big deal, because I have only enough money to pay my share of the bill and my brother has told me about some bad stuff that happened to him and people that he knew at college. You go split expenses with a guy on an apartment, or maybe you share a house with two or more people. So long as everyone comes up with their part of the bills at the end of the month it is all great. In fact it is pretty cheap to live like this if you do it right, but if one person does not chip you are going to be starving or worse you run out of beer money.

The Importance of Annual Home Inspections
Writings Sylvia Donlon

The roof is twenty years old and rapidly deteriorating (maybe it’s time to call a commercial roof repair in Middlesex County NJ). The weeds are growing and the trees desperately need trimmed. And the backyard has always had terrible drainage. But, with the economy rapidly declining, spending money right now is a scary prospect. Waiting couldn’t possibly hurt, right?Wrong! Your house is your biggest investment, and more importantly, it is your home. This is where you are raising your family and making memories of a lifetime. Even if the market is in the shambles, neglecting your home is the biggest mistake you can make.

Not only is pride of ownership and providing a nice, secure place for your family to live important, home neglect is far more costly than making the necessary repairs.New roofs are expensive, but consider the cost of replacing all of your carpets and replacing many of your belongings should your roof fail to keep the rains out. Now, not only will you still need to replace the roof, you will also need to deal with the water damage caused by failing to act earlier.

And, if you’re thinking the insurance company will bail you out, think again. Insurance does not pay for water damage due to neglect. If a tornado blows off your roof, then yes, the insurance company will be involved. But if your roof leaks simply because you failed to maintain it, you’re on your own. This is why it is is so very important for a home owner or property owner to always make inspections. You don’t even have to do it yourself: hire a professional who knows exactly what they are looking for and you’ll save yourself a great deal of trouble. It can be problematic if you don’t: just read the above as to what you might be facing.

My Parents Wanted to Move Close to Me
Writings Sylvia Donlon

Even though I was born and raised in Kentucky, I consider myself a Floridian. I came here 20 years ago to go to school, and I never left. I found a great job in Jacksonville, and I knew that I had found the place where I wanted to live for the rest of my life. My parents came to visit me a lot in the winter months, and not long ago they told me they would like to relocate to the same area. I told them about Heron Walk, an apartment complex that is not far from me, because I thought that they would both really like it there.

They have not lived in a house for nearly two decades, preferring the simplicity of apartment living. I had a feeling that this would be the perfect spot for them because it is only about a mile from where I live, plus anything they could possibly want is within either walking distance or just a short drive. I went there in person to talk to a few people who live there, and they all told me how nice it is for them.

I mainly wanted to find out what happened if something went wrong there. That is when they told me about the maintenance staff who can come and fix anything, no matter what time of day or night it is. They also said that it is a very secure area, and they have not experienced any problems there since moving in. I told my parents all of this, and they went online to put in their application. My father had just retired a few months prior, and they were ready to move here to start the rest of their lives. It really is the perfect place for them to retire too, and they absolutely love being this close to me and my family now too.

Great Looking Glass Enclosure Shower Doors in Essex County NJ
Writings Sylvia Donlon

Ford Metro can provide custom shower enclosuresThere wasn’t a big selection of shower doors at the home center. We had already picked out the tile, the paint and even the faucets for the sink and shower. My wife was getting us a fancy rainfall shower head that is as big around as a dinner plate. I did not know if we had enough water flow in the pipes that served the bathroom to handle it. As for the glass enclosure we wanted, we looked at shower doors in Essex County NJ. There is a company there that makes glass shower enclosures that really open up the space.

Whether or not you have a big bathroom or a small one, the shower enclosures this place makes are astounding. They make a small bathroom look bigger, and they take a large bathroom and turn it into a spa. It is so much better than looking at solid walls that separate out a shower from the rest of the bathroom. It is still private as long as you do not have windows that people can see through, and you do not leave the door to the bathroom unlocked when showering. I really like our new shower enclosure, especially since there is a big skylight above it. Hey, if you sing in the shower, it is like being on stage. Well, sort of anyway. There is the clothing thing.

Anyway, what I am saying is that you can take a cramped bathroom and turn it into a really cool space by having a glass enclosure built for your shower by this company that does shower doors in Essex County NJ. There are all kinds of styles available, and you can get them made into the shape you need for your shower. We decided to go with the clear glass. You may like something else.

Our Pets and Our New ADT Pulse Security Cameras
Writings Sylvia Donlon

We got the video cameras connected to our alarm system so we could keep an eye on the kids when they got home from school on days we were still at work. We also wanted them so we could see the house and what was going on when we go away. However, probably the most fun we have had with the ADT Pulse security cameras are watching the dog and cat interact when no one is there. You would think they were two different pets altogether watching their antics when they do not know anyone is watching them.

They will rest in different spots when we are home. They will go outside at the same time and nose around, but we never see them interact too much. On a rare occasion we might see them trying to play with the same toy. However, when we are not at the house they interact a lot more. I have watched them both sleep on the floor in physical contact with each other right at the front door. It looks like they are waiting for us to get home. I see our dog get a toy and entice the cat to play. She will engage the dog in play until he gets too rambunctious. Then she will hop up on the counter out of his reach. She will reach down and swat him on the head just to aggravate him.

Then they get tired and will actually curl up on the same spot on the couch. I have never seen them get within three feet of one another when sleeping at home when any of us are there. It is like they are close friends when no one is home, and the ADT Pulse security cameras are watching, but they act like the do not care at all about each other when the rest of us are home. I wonder how much more other people could learn about their pets if they added surveillance cameras.

The Cable Service Kind of Life
Writings Sylvia Donlon

About News Latest Work Careers Contact UsWith Time Warner Cable being the only provider in my area for cable and Internet, I imagine that it drastically makes competition in the area a lot easier for them. Especially considering that they are able to price the packages pretty much whatever they want to price it. I can’t complain too much I guess considering that I need to have access to the Internet due to the nature of my work. It could be far worse than it is and I could be using dial up instead! Those days were terrible, trying to access a single video might take hours instead of the near instant load times we have now.

Time Warner isn’t very different from many of the other providers that I have had in the past. From New York to Georgia I’ve been a customer of a handful. Sometimes the prices are higher, sometimes they’re cheaper. Sometimes they’re the same. It doesn’t deviate so much that I find myself missing one over the other – it’s usually only ten or so bucks that you find the price differences. Not that I wouldn’t mind much cheaper Internet but I know that it’s probably extremely doubtful that I am going to be able to find that.

There are times where I wish I wasn’t dependent on having the Internet which means I could at least be able to save myself some money every month but I enjoy the work; I just wish they would pay for access to the web for me! Of course, these kinds of complaints are nothing but my own personal problems that have no bearing on Time Warner or any of the other companies that I’ve subscribed to in the past. I imagine the infrastructure and the speeds will improve while the current model of television entertainment will change to reflect current tech.

Best Prices for Home Insurance
Writings Sylvia Donlon

When To Get Personal Property InsuranceI am going to purchase a house in the near future, contingent upon being approved for a mortgage. But before I can be approved for a mortgage in order to purchase the house, I am going to have to get a home insurance policy. Going into this, I did not realize that you had to get home insurance first, but it kind of makes sense. The mortgage company wants to be protected after all. Anyway, since that is the case, I need to look for homeowners insurance deals.

I do not want to have to spend a lot of money on the insurance. I know that it might not be up to me, but I am going to try to look for deals, and the lowest prices around. If I knew that I would have to pay for this insurance right away, then I would not have agreed to put as much down on the house as I did. That has put me in a bit of a bind, and I might have to pay for the insurance with my credit card. I don’t know if I will have to do that, but I guess I will find out soon.

I am going to shop around, compare deals, and just to see what the prices are like out there. I would hate to miss out on any deals that are out there. I should probably talk to a friend of mine as well, because I am pretty sure that he works in the insurance industry. I do not know if his job is relevant to my quest to find a good deal on this insurance, but it is worth the time to give it a shot. After all, it couldn’t hurt, and maybe it will actually end up being a good idea.

Available Security Features with ADT
Writings Sylvia Donlon

I am thinking about getting a security system installed in the near future, but I will need to know more about my options, before I actually make a decision. I want to make sure that the security system will function well, and will protect my family from a wide range of potential problems. I am looking into adt security in ankeny at the moment, because ADT was recommended to me by one of my friends, and I figure that I will look into them some.

I want to have a security system that is monitored on a constant basis. I hope to have alerts sent to my smart phone, in the case of an alarm being triggered in my house. At the same time, I would like the police, or fire department, to be alerted immediately as well. That seems like the safest way to go. In addition, I know my house is at some risk for carbon monoxide issues, so it would be ideal, if the security system came with sensors that could detect concentrations of carbon monoxide in the house. I do not know if that is a standard feature for security systems, but it would definitely make me feel better.

I am hoping to get the security system installed fairly soon, because my wife has been hounding me about this for along time. She really thinks that it will make a world of difference, in the relative level of safety of my family. I know that it will be an improvement, but I think she might be exaggerating a little bit. Either way, it is something that i am probably going to do. But I want to learn as much as I can about the different available security features, before making a decision on what type of security system I will get.