New Microsoft Time Card Template Now Being Offered by

The new time card template from Microsoft is being offered as part of the new complimentary collection of spreadsheets at

(PRWEB) May 10, 2014

Few things in the work place can be more frustrating and time consuming than keeping payroll. Unfortunately, its a necessary evil, as making sure your employees are fully compensated for their efforts is one of the key components of keeping the work environment happy. A time card template can help alleviate the stress normally associated with managing payroll operations.

Now, the new Microsoft time card template is being offered as part of the new collection of complimentary spreadsheets at

The time card template is a straightforward Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that will save business owners and payroll employees valuable time and money, said My Excel spokesperson Ben Davidson. The interface is incredibly easy to use and will make payroll problems a thing of the past.

The time card template can be filled out by payroll managers or individual employees. An incredibly unique feature of the template is that it also serves as a calculator. The template has the ability to total worker hours as well as their rate of pay in one fell swoop.

The time card template is much more than just a time-saver, said Davidson. This professional template can ensure that all employees are properly paid and accurate records documenting the hours worked are kept.

The new time card template is one of dozens of new tools that have recently been added to My Excels massive online inventory. Some of the new Microsoft products include the PayPal invoicing template, the professional recipe template, as well as the personal pilot logbook.

All of the Microsoft templates featured on our site are always available to visitors at no charge, said Davidson. We encourage everyone to keep visiting the site because our inventory expands every day.

For the brand new time card template from Microsoft, or for thousands of other business or education tools, please visit today.

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