Alala Amazing Cooler sharing a countertop desktop refrigerator

Alala Amazing Cooler sharing a countertop desktop refrigerator

A showcase of a countertop desktop refrigerator for commercial use. Shared by Alala Amazing Cooler

What the demonstrator is saying:

Hello everybody here we are again introducing you our countertop desktop refrigerator.
It’s a really nice well square unit that we have as a building here.
You can put it anywhere in your business restaurant.
You name it.
You know this unit in length.
I’ll give you the exterior dimensions from left to right.
It’s about 16 inches and a half 60 inches and a half the fullness of the the height on this one is 37 inches from the top to the top for the bottom to the top.
Sorry about that and from front to back it’s about 15 inches okay so the depth is 15 .
This unit does come included with one two three shelves so you could put you know it has four floor so if you count the bottom one. It has led lighting inside each corner has an led strip so i lights up pretty much.
Really nice.
Whatever you put it in there drinks anything from food everything really beautiful with the led lighting.
This unit does have a door that opens out.
Okay so it’s really nice open.
Put your product can display.
It really beautiful.
I got it has a really neat thing.
Here you close this and you don’t see the panel.
If you open it it has a digital adjuster here that’s where you adjust your temperature temperature could go anywhere from 33 to 43 fahrenheit standard cold.
Okay the voltage for this one it’s a 110 115 standard connection.
So you just plug it straight to yourwall and you’re set to go to put yourproduct in there and refrigerate it okay.
So yeah guys if you guys want to orderthis desktop refrigerator, go ahead andplace the order today.
I usually order steak anywhere from 1 to 7 business days depending on your location.
If you guys have any questions whatsoever about this desktop give us a call and we’ll try our best to answer all of your questions.
Ok ok, well thank you so much for watching this video.
Again this is the desktop refrigerator.

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