Digital Cooler Doors For Retail Stores

Digital Cooler Doors For Retail Stores

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Anheuser-Busch Incorporated and their subsidiary Atera Energy proudly partner with Arbor Technologies to introduce the award-winning Arbor Digital Cooler. The digital cooler is part of the Atera Energy DifferenceTM collection. The company believes that energy should be good for you, your family, the environment, and your business. “Arbor Digital Cooler meets every one of those criteria,” said Mike Wagner, president of Atera Energy. “The world wants an eco-smart cooler that offers value, quality, durability, and convenience.”

Consumers will have many options when it comes time to make Airdrop purchase decisions. The traditional air-conditioning style of air conditioners is still available on the market. However, there are a growing number of consumers who are opting for a digital cooler as their primary method of air conditioning. These new devices offer consumers an intuitive way to control temperature levels and to conserve energy. The new digital coolers are part of the new wave of eco-friendly refrigerators and can be found in many retail stores.

The Airdrop brand features built-in search options and smart voice recognition technology. Users simply say, “I want to cool,” and they’ll locate and open the appropriate digital cooler doors. Smart voice recognition performs multiple functions including setting a temperature, controlling humidity, and offering detailed information about the status of your unit. Each unit is equipped with a touch pad or interactive touch screen. Retailers have also customized digital screens to display the most popular products and services.

The technology ensures that customers are able to easily find and purchase items in the digital cooler line. Customers can scan product barcodes, enter product information, and even pay with a credit card. Each unit comes standard with a digital thermostat and digital displays. The thermostat and digital displays offer customized displays that cater to specific needs.

Retailers can target specific demographics with digital cooler doors. This is possible because they can use the same technology to advertise any type of product. Retailers that serve the outdoor community can use interactive outdoor advertising boards to promote any type of product they choose, such as water filters or ice cream distributors. Retailers that serve the interior community can use digital display panels for targeting specific demographics, such as seniors or families.

The new digital coolers are part of a broader effort by major appliance manufacturers to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their businesses. The goal is to improve sales and profits. The increase in productivity provided by digital coolers has been proven to improve overall customer satisfaction, which leads to an increase in sales. In addition, digital coolers provide a cost-effective way for large corporations to reduce inventory costs.

Digital displays are only one component of the new digital cooler line. Many of the new units now include LCD screens in either full-color or compact color layouts. These digital screens allow customers to make purchases without having to leave the store. Furthermore, the displays can be pre-stored on memory cards which customers can then insert into their refrigerators or other in-store devices after they enter the store. This convenient process allows customers to spend more time exploring the items available at the cooler.

The new Avakian digital cooler doors are also easy to program. Customers can choose to go to the Web site, select the items they want to purchase from the catalog, and then program the system. A graphic pop-up menu is displayed showing all of the product information the customer will need at one glance. The interface, coupled with an attractive LCD screen, is sure to improve the overall shopping experience. Digital displays are designed to be functional and to blend seamlessly into the retail stores’ layout. With improved inventory control, ease of use, and improved shopping experience, Avakian digital cooler doors are an ideal solution for today’s busy shoppers.

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