In-Store Digital Cooler Puts Any Product in the Eye of the Audience

In-Store Digital Cooler Puts Any Product in the Eye of the Audience

digital cooler

A digital cooler is a great wine and beverage cooler for the novice wine drinker or enthusiast. A digital cooler allows wine enthusiasts to enjoy their wine at home or on the go, without the mess or expense of a full size cooler. Such coolers can be pre-programmed to hold various items from wine to clothing to electronics and eventually may attract and even entice a new generation of drinkers who in the past have shunned offline, traditional shopping opportunities. These new shoppers will find a wealth of options at affordable prices that fit into any budget.

Digital cooler come in many shapes and sizes. A simple one door design with two handles is very affordable and provides for easy access when changing or carrying out other duties. Two door designs, with one door for the electronic components and another for the doors and windows can also be purchased. The most popular models are those with five doors and clear Plexiglas displays for displaying your wine brands and prices.

Wine coolers are an important accessory for any wine lover. A wine cooler is a simple way to store your wine at a lower temperature. They often come with a display area where you can watch your wine collection. In addition, wine cooler doors come equipped with self closing and self opening options for added convenience. With digital cooler doors and a frame sandwich board, you will no longer have to deal with pesky ads seeping up from the front doors. Self closing doors close on their own, thus ensuring that nothing spills into your wine.

Many people are still uncomfortable with the concept of self closing coolers, mainly because they haven’t used them before. With the advent of electronic level indicators, you can use electronic displays to determine the level of your wine. Most wine coolers provide for a digital display with two to four levels of control. If you need the option to increase or decrease the levels, most of the newer models provide for this option.

You’ll also find several styles of these devices at your local retailer. Generally, cooler varieties are sold in the traditional glassware style. However, many retailers sell these products in plastic or metal cases that resemble coffee brewers or can open with a simple twist of a knob. While plastic and metal cases are more common in retail stores, some wine bottle coolers can also be found with silver or gold accents.

Retailers are using in-store digital merchandising to attract new customers and retain their existing customers. By placing the digital product as part of an in-store attraction, shoppers are more likely to linger and investigate more products. These types of coolers that display wine are a perfect match for most retail stores, especially those that sell food, beverages and other merchandise with a focus on hospitality.

The type of cooler selected is determined by the type of product to be displayed. If shoppers are searching for a product to display on their refrigerators, beverage coolers are a popular choice. These versatile devices feature large displays for easy viewing of an endless array of tasty beverages. The larger sizes of these products allow for easy placement next to countertops, cabinets or other areas with a focus on showcasing a specific beverage. If a wine lover is displaying his or her favorite selection, for example, a digital cooler will display it properly and in an attractive manner that will impress any customer.

If consumers are looking for a convenient way to purchase wine, they are able to make in-store digital merchandising happen by placing the beverage they wish to buy in one of the many wine racks that are featured throughout many retail establishments. By utilizing clear glass displays, attractive stainless steel or chrome metal cases or custom molded plastic models, wine retailers can showcase their selections while also making it convenient for shoppers to find a specific product. The displays also make it easy for customers to place their purchases on the glass tabletop without having to deal with the issues that can occur when using plastic or metal containers. When consumers are happy with the process of purchasing a beverage at in-store digital merchandising kiosks and the quality and appearance of the displays, they are more likely to return to the business in the future.

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