My Parents Wanted to Move Close to Me

My Parents Wanted to Move Close to Me

Even though I was born and raised in Kentucky, I consider myself a Floridian. I came here 20 years ago to go to school, and I never left. I found a great job in Jacksonville, and I knew that I had found the place where I wanted to live for the rest of my life. My parents came to visit me a lot in the winter months, and not long ago they told me they would like to relocate to the same area. I told them about Heron Walk, an apartment complex that is not far from me, because I thought that they would both really like it there.

They have not lived in a house for nearly two decades, preferring the simplicity of apartment living. I had a feeling that this would be the perfect spot for them because it is only about a mile from where I live, plus anything they could possibly want is within either walking distance or just a short drive. I went there in person to talk to a few people who live there, and they all told me how nice it is for them.

I mainly wanted to find out what happened if something went wrong there. That is when they told me about the maintenance staff who can come and fix anything, no matter what time of day or night it is. They also said that it is a very secure area, and they have not experienced any problems there since moving in. I told my parents all of this, and they went online to put in their application. My father had just retired a few months prior, and they were ready to move here to start the rest of their lives. It really is the perfect place for them to retire too, and they absolutely love being this close to me and my family now too.

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