Our Pets and Our New ADT Pulse Security Cameras

Our Pets and Our New ADT Pulse Security Cameras

We got the video cameras connected to our alarm system so we could keep an eye on the kids when they got home from school on days we were still at work. We also wanted them so we could see the house and what was going on when we go away. However, probably the most fun we have had with the ADT Pulse security cameras are watching the dog and cat interact when no one is there. You would think they were two different pets altogether watching their antics when they do not know anyone is watching them.

They will rest in different spots when we are home. They will go outside at the same time and nose around, but we never see them interact too much. On a rare occasion we might see them trying to play with the same toy. However, when we are not at the house they interact a lot more. I have watched them both sleep on the floor in physical contact with each other right at the front door. It looks like they are waiting for us to get home. I see our dog get a toy and entice the cat to play. She will engage the dog in play until he gets too rambunctious. Then she will hop up on the counter out of his reach. She will reach down and swat him on the head just to aggravate him.

Then they get tired and will actually curl up on the same spot on the couch. I have never seen them get within three feet of one another when sleeping at home when any of us are there. It is like they are close friends when no one is home, and the ADT Pulse security cameras are watching, but they act like the do not care at all about each other when the rest of us are home. I wonder how much more other people could learn about their pets if they added surveillance cameras.

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