Product Packaging Tips to Increase Brand Recognition

Product Packaging Tips to Increase Brand Recognition


Product packaging serves as a medium for publicity. Not only does it keep your products safe and free from deterioration, but it also keeps liquids inside from flowing out. Not to mention, it makes it easy to store in retail stores. Here are some tips to ensure your packaging gets noticed:

Product packaging is a medium of publicity

As a form of advertising, product packaging can be an effective tool for promoting your brand. Currently, consumers pass over 600 items per minute and only one catches their eye every tenth of a second. Effective packaging aims to catch the attention of the consumer and encourage them to purchase it. Effective packaging uses display systems, tear-off coupon blocks, and point-of-purchase devices. It also employs psychological manipulation.

It protects products from deterioration

As a consumer, you probably know that packaging is important for protecting your products. Packaging helps protect products from breakage, deterioration, contamination, oxygen, dust, and bacteria. Packaging also protects your products from odors, which can cause spoilage. Besides protecting your products from deterioration, packaging can also be a marketing tool. It can also be used to differentiate products and transport them from one place to another.

The proper selection of headspace conditions is essential in maintaining the quality of your products. You can choose between modified atmosphere packaging and vacuum packaging. Modified atmosphere packaging means that the headspace environment changes during storage, while vacuum packaging does not manipulate the internal environment. Proper packaging can prevent deteriorating effects such as discoloration, off-flavor development, nutrient loss, texture changes, and pathogenicity.

It increases brand recognition

The correct packaging is crucial to increasing brand recognition. Customers have certain brands that they identify with, and any changes to the packaging can cause public disappointment. Companies like Coke changed their packaging over the years, but they stayed true to their iconic look. Changing the look of your packaging can also result in a backlash from consumers. Instead of changing your packaging, consider these tips to increase brand recognition. Let’s explore each point in more detail.

Colour is the most crucial aspect of packaging, as it captures the consumer’s attention in the first few seconds. The colour of a product’s packaging also reinforces the brand’s quality. A product’s packaging is generally made of several materials, including paper, plastic, and metal. Different materials and suppliers are used to produce your product packaging. Regardless of material used to make your product packaging, it must look consistent and appealing.

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