Selling Scrap Metal for a Profit

Selling Scrap Metal for a Profit

When my husband got laid off from his job, we had to get pretty creative so we did not lose the ability to pay our bills. We still had some income thanks to his unemployment benefits, but it was not enough to cover everything. We had several sheds filled with scrap metal that was on the property even before we bought it, and we just never did anything about them since we didn’t need to use the buildings. I suggested that we look at some companies to see what their scrap metal prices per pound were to see if that was a feasible option for us.

I had no idea what company to check, so I did what I do any other time I need to find something that I am not familiar with. I went to the Internet and did a search for companies in our region that buy scrap metal from private citizens. I thought that I would have to look at different companies to see which one had the better prices, but I found something even better. I was able to find a website that did all of the homework for me.

I just had to pick out the state I live in, then I had to scroll through the cities listed in alphabetical order to find mine. I honestly was not sure if it would even be on the list because the town I am in is so little, but it was listed! I was then able to see what the different companies in the area are offering to people for different types of scrap, including copper, aluminum, iron and so many other kinds. We took it to the one offering the most money for each metal, and we ended up getting enough to pay our mortgage for several months!

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