The Benefits of Executive Condos in Arab Street, Singapore

The Benefits of Executive Condos in Arab Street, Singapore

benefits of executive condos in singapore

Executive Condos (ECs) are government subsidized buildings located in key districts that offer great value for money when purchased as homes. Even with their limitations and the Minimum Occupancy Periods in mind, Executive Condos provide outstanding returns when purchased as homes.

As a hybrid public-private housing option in Arab Street, Singapore are tailored towards middle class households that find private property prices out of reach and their income limits restrict eligibility for such homes.

1. Affordability

Middle-income families seeking more affordable private property ownership options will often benefit from investing in an EC, which are usually located in key districts with attractive features and investment potential. They offer both affordability and attractive features.

Although ECs offer cheaper accommodations, their quality doesn’t suffer; many ECs provide even higher-end amenities than private condos and are therefore an attractive choice for families.

But it is important to keep in mind that ECs are subject to HDB’s renting and selling restrictions for the first ten years after they become fully privatised – once their Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) has been fulfilled they can then be sold directly to Singaporeans or permanent residents with high appreciation potential over time.

2. Location

Executive condominiums (ECs) in Singapore are an increasingly popular choice among middle income homebuyers looking for luxury condo living without breaking their budget. ECs combine both public housing affordability with luxury private condo living.

ECs, designed for Singaporeans in the “sandwich class”, are developed and sold by private developers but count as public housing, with similar restrictions and resale rules as HDB flats in their first decade of ownership.

After that, they become private property and can be sold to anyone, including foreigners. Here is everything you should know about acquiring an EC in Singapore.

3. Amenities

Executive condominiums (EC) provide an attractive compromise between public housing and private condos, as they provide all the amenities of private properties at a more reasonable cost. As such, their popularity among middle-class Singaporeans who cannot afford private property prices remains strong.

Income restrictions and location requirements apply when it comes to owning an EC; however, for those who meet them buying one may be the perfect way to enjoy condo living without paying private home prices. Furthermore, developers often build them with all sorts of amenities, concierge service and access to facilities like pools and gyms; making it an attractive investment and luxurious lifestyle choice.

4. Flexibility

Singaporeans love Executive Condos (ECs), as they provide an attractive middle ground between HDB flats and private condominiums. Offering many facilities found in private condos but at more cost-effective prices thanks to government subsidisation, ECs provide Singaporeans with affordable living space that has many of their benefits rolled into one package.

These benefits make HDB flats an attractive choice for people unable to meet the income ceiling or who want an upgrade from their current residence, yet some buyers may worry that its 5-year MOP and 10-year privatisation rule limit their flexibility if their lifestyle or finances change over time.

If you need assistance choosing the ideal property type to buy in Singapore, reach out to our team now. We can find an Executive Condo (EC) to meet both your needs and budget.

5. Resale

ECs are considered an attractive investment due to their high resale value and more favorable loan-to-value ratio than HDB loans, plus they can be bought using CPF money.

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Resale Executive Condos can only be sold to Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents. Resale ECs can, however, be sold to a wider pool of buyers including foreigners.

To purchase an Executive Condo (EC), first submit an application with HDB. After being approved, book an Executive Condo Appointment to select your unit – you’ll also need cash for the 5% Booking Fee that must be paid upfront – then wait years before its ready for occupancy.

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