We’re Having Fun with Fast Speed Now

We’re Having Fun with Fast Speed Now

I’ve lived my entire life in the Ozarks. I plan to never leave. The area is so beautiful. It makes me truly happy that I have the luck of living here. But outside of getting most of our news from the newspaper, we have not previously had the ability to get our hands on all the information on the Internet very easily that most of the country gets. That is because the few companies that offer Internet in our peaceful area have only given us the ability to use dial-up speed. But now I can get Missouri satellite Internet which is much faster.

I will miss the comforting sound that my dial-up router made every single time I used it to get online. But I will not miss trying to reach many different sites and waiting for my browser to show me the first page on the site for 5 or 10 minutes. It is because of that slowness that I often gave up and did nothing more than simply check my email every couple of days or so. I simply do not have the patience to spend hours getting around to different sites, when I know full well that so many other people can get to where they need to go online in only seconds.

But now that I can zip around online as fast as everyone else thanks to satellite service, I enjoy visiting so many more pages. I am really into fantasy football with the guys here in town, but I have now discovered that there are fantasy football sites. My wife really enjoys cooking, so she has been enjoying checking out all the recipes she can look at in such a short time now. My kids are now having fun with social networking sites that they could not get to easily in the past.

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