Touch Screen Kiosks – How They Help Customer Service

Touch Screen Kiosks – How They Help Customer Service

An interactive touch screen kiosk would be an ideal marriage between the traditional brick-and mortar retail environment and the modern, online-based retail environment. As we’ve come to know, kiosks are now being used for a variety of retail and service activities, such as cashiers in stores, maps at gas stations, toll booths and more. There are several different types of kiosks. One type is a touch screen kiosk or a touch screen display, also known as a TFT (Thin Film Transistor) kiosk. Another type is a wireless touch screen kiosk, which means that the kiosks do not require a direct connection to a computer or laptop for functioning.

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In the past, these kiosks were connected by means of a USB cord, but most modern models can operate independently. The latest interactive touch screen kiosks have become quite sophisticated, with many adding video and audio features that may enhance customer interaction. They may also provide different forms of security and access control, such as biometrics, voice recognition, PIN cards, magnetic cards and so on. Many manufacturers are now developing and manufacturing completely portable, battery-operated touch screen kiosks.

It’s hard to predict which type you will ultimately choose, when buying a touch screen kiosk. Factors to consider include your own goals and expectations, the level of user traffic expected at your location, whether it will be used as a primary or secondary sales point and whether you will install one or more touch screen kiosks. The following sections examine these issues in more detail.

Most businesses, especially fast food locations and others in the food service, are not likely to install touch-screen kiosks in their stores. Some locations, however, are likely to do so under certain conditions, such as breakfast cereal kiosks installed by fast food chains. Kiosk vendors that offer ready-to-use interactive touch screen kiosks may also offer ready-to-use gift items kiosks, such as pens, pencils, notepads and other similar items that you might want to take with you when shopping or meeting clients at another location. For example, some vendors offer coffee, sandwich and hot dog machines, as well as items for the baby category such as diapers and wipes.

If you are looking for an easy way to sell snacks and other food items, an interactive touch screen kiosk makes an excellent primary sales point. The kiosk will allow customers to select and purchase their favorite food items from a wide selection without entering aisles or stand-in times. You can also increase your sales revenue by installing several touch screen kiosks throughout your store or building, in addition to your main entrance or walkway. Some kiosks are equipped with video screens to show product information, or to entertain customers with pop-up games. Others display messages in sign languages or print media. Whatever your needs or wants may be, you can probably find an interactive touch screen kiosk that is just what you’re looking for.

An interactive touch screen kiosk makes an excellent buffet display. Most of them include beverage containers, condiment trays, and condiment displays, as well as a change table and a storage container for your guest drinks. They usually come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, allowing you to add your own creative touch. This is especially advantageous if you are displaying alcoholic beverages. Instead of having to order a custom setup from outside, you can include your beverage needs in the kiosk design and save yourself time and money.

You can also use touch screen kiosks for customer assistance purposes. Some of them are equipped with touch pads, which allow you to give quick answers to customer questions. Others display menu selections or even interactive games. You can also have them programmed to send out coupons or newsletters.

Touch screen kiosks also make great advertising tools. If you want to advertise a new product, or announce an event, you can put the kiosk out in front of your establishment. Some of them come equipped with monitors, which allow you to read current and past sales statistics. Others are networked so that they can display targeted ads, or coupons for customers that are in your shopping mall’s customer database. Whatever your needs or desires, you can probably find the right touch screen kiosk to meet your needs. Kiosks are easy to install and use, and are often customized to meet your specific requirements.

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