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Got a Job for the Summer
Writings Sylvia Donlon

I have a job pretty much as an errand boy for a guy who owns and manages apartments here in Winston Salem and High Point. Of course he hired my truck about as much as he hired me. I have an old truck and my Dad has an old landscaper type trailer. I started out doing odd jobs for him on the side. In fact that was probably a better deal for me up to a point. It was just one or two things a week, but he would pay me cash and fill my tank with gas usually as well. He gave me a gas card that I use, but he is keeping track of what I do for him and he is not paying for the gas I use on my own time. I worry a lot about the wear and tear on the truck, but it is about time for me to get a new car that costs a lot less to drive than it does.

I mostly do landscaping types of jobs. Obviously it is too much work for me to do alone, but I am just mainly delivering stuff and doing little things. Today I went with him to the nursery. He picked out a bunch of plants and paid for them. I loaded them up and took them to the Water Ford Creek apartments. There I met his wife who had decided where they were to be planted and I did that along with this Costa Rican guy. He had apparently been drinking heavily the night before and had the smell of liquor all over him. Still he did his share of the job and I did not get up too close to him while he was working, it was not that pleasant truly.

Great Looking Glass Enclosure Shower Doors in Essex County NJ
Writings Sylvia Donlon

Ford Metro can provide custom shower enclosuresThere wasn’t a big selection of shower doors at the home center. We had already picked out the tile, the paint and even the faucets for the sink and shower. My wife was getting us a fancy rainfall shower head that is as big around as a dinner plate. I did not know if we had enough water flow in the pipes that served the bathroom to handle it. As for the glass enclosure we wanted, we looked at shower doors in Essex County NJ. There is a company there that makes glass shower enclosures that really open up the space.

Whether or not you have a big bathroom or a small one, the shower enclosures this place makes are astounding. They make a small bathroom look bigger, and they take a large bathroom and turn it into a spa. It is so much better than looking at solid walls that separate out a shower from the rest of the bathroom. It is still private as long as you do not have windows that people can see through, and you do not leave the door to the bathroom unlocked when showering. I really like our new shower enclosure, especially since there is a big skylight above it. Hey, if you sing in the shower, it is like being on stage. Well, sort of anyway. There is the clothing thing.

Anyway, what I am saying is that you can take a cramped bathroom and turn it into a really cool space by having a glass enclosure built for your shower by this company that does shower doors in Essex County NJ. There are all kinds of styles available, and you can get them made into the shape you need for your shower. We decided to go with the clear glass. You may like something else.

The Cable Service Kind of Life
Writings Sylvia Donlon

About News Latest Work Careers Contact UsWith Time Warner Cable being the only provider in my area for cable and Internet, I imagine that it drastically makes competition in the area a lot easier for them. Especially considering that they are able to price the packages pretty much whatever they want to price it. I can’t complain too much I guess considering that I need to have access to the Internet due to the nature of my work. It could be far worse than it is and I could be using dial up instead! Those days were terrible, trying to access a single video might take hours instead of the near instant load times we have now.

Time Warner isn’t very different from many of the other providers that I have had in the past. From New York to Georgia I’ve been a customer of a handful. Sometimes the prices are higher, sometimes they’re cheaper. Sometimes they’re the same. It doesn’t deviate so much that I find myself missing one over the other – it’s usually only ten or so bucks that you find the price differences. Not that I wouldn’t mind much cheaper Internet but I know that it’s probably extremely doubtful that I am going to be able to find that.

There are times where I wish I wasn’t dependent on having the Internet which means I could at least be able to save myself some money every month but I enjoy the work; I just wish they would pay for access to the web for me! Of course, these kinds of complaints are nothing but my own personal problems that have no bearing on Time Warner or any of the other companies that I’ve subscribed to in the past. I imagine the infrastructure and the speeds will improve while the current model of television entertainment will change to reflect current tech.

Available Security Features with ADT
Writings Sylvia Donlon

I am thinking about getting a security system installed in the near future, but I will need to know more about my options, before I actually make a decision. I want to make sure that the security system will function well, and will protect my family from a wide range of potential problems. I am looking into adt security in ankeny at the moment, because ADT was recommended to me by one of my friends, and I figure that I will look into them some.

I want to have a security system that is monitored on a constant basis. I hope to have alerts sent to my smart phone, in the case of an alarm being triggered in my house. At the same time, I would like the police, or fire department, to be alerted immediately as well. That seems like the safest way to go. In addition, I know my house is at some risk for carbon monoxide issues, so it would be ideal, if the security system came with sensors that could detect concentrations of carbon monoxide in the house. I do not know if that is a standard feature for security systems, but it would definitely make me feel better.

I am hoping to get the security system installed fairly soon, because my wife has been hounding me about this for along time. She really thinks that it will make a world of difference, in the relative level of safety of my family. I know that it will be an improvement, but I think she might be exaggerating a little bit. Either way, it is something that i am probably going to do. But I want to learn as much as I can about the different available security features, before making a decision on what type of security system I will get.

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